11 Oct 2016, News

New Ferric Sulphate Production

Industrial Chemicals have completed construction of a new, more efficient Ferric Sulphate production process at our Widnes plant. This will accelerate the rate of production using an alternative to Ferrous Sulphate (Copperas), whilst meeting exacting water industry standards.
In addition, another new plant at our West Thurrock site – using identical technology and processes – is being commissioned at present and will be fully operational in November 2018.

These new plants became a necessity when the Venator (formerly Huntsman) owned Titanium Dioxide plant in Pori, Finland suffered a catastrophic fire in 2017. This eliminated a major European source of Copperas – without a new production method there was a very real risk of there being insufficient supply to meet current requirements.

Venator have recently confirmed that the Pori plant will not be rebuilt, making this new production process vital to ensure continuity of supply.
After extensive investment in research and development to reduce our dependence on the limited suppliers of Copperas, Industrial Chemicals have developed an alternative production process using a sustainable source of Iron Oxide. After successful trials at a number of water treatment plants the new process has now been scaled up to be the main production method at two of our three plants within the UK.

We have increased our rate of production to meet current demand and with significant investment; innovation and dedicated focus by our Engineering and Operations teams, we now have sufficient capacity to meet expected demand for 2019 and beyond.

We have additional production facilities at both our Hebburn site in North East England and West Thurrock site in the South East of England. Enough to meet current industry needs, with surplus capacity ?on tap? to meet future requirements.

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